Connect 4 presentation

Today I presented at the Connect 4 networking meeting I regularly attend. It was the first time in a very long time I had stood up and presented, so was quite nervous. Unfortunately the usual room wasn’t available, and neither was a projector. Luckily most people in the room had a screen in their pockets, so I shared my presentation, although with hind sight I wished I had thought about this in advance and tided up my speaker notes, or better still created this post in advance so that the presentation was displayed in a slightly more professional manner.

One thing I learnt is that you can embed a google doc slides presentation in a web page. I wish I had thought to do that in advance, and publisise the web page prior to the meeting. . Its an easy way to have your presentation available both to yourself and you viewers., for what its worth the page I have created is available to have a look at . I will at some point create a proper version of this and put it on my blog.

If you would like any technical help, please get in touch

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