I want a website domain and email, where do I start??

choosing a domain

When you start out in business, one of the first things you will decide is what your domain name will be. Even if you aren’t ready for your website , you will need an email address before you can go very far. You may not want a website right now , but want to get that email address up and running, and worry about the website later.

Did you know that

  • Not all major email hosting providers will host your website for you
  • To give your website the little padlock, and have a secure and GDPR complient website, it has to be hosted where your domain is hosted
  • If you want to move your domain , your email could be down for up to 48 hours

No, I didnt know any of that either when I started in business.

Its important to think about what you are likely to want out of your website and email, before you register and rely on that email address for your business.

In my next blog post I will talk in a bit more detail about domains, choosing your domain, and choosing where to host your email and website.

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