Introduction to WordPress Course

Do you have a wordpress website, but no idea how to edit it, or add blog posts? This half day online  course will get you started on making changes and adding to your site. Each student will have access to their own dedicated website where they can practise new skills without the fear of breaking a live website.

Course Outline

You will learn how to log onto your website and make basic updates and changes using the WordPress editor.

The course will cover creating new blog posts, adding and updating pages, and making changes to the website menu structure, and also an introduction to using the wordpress block editor.

This is a hands on course. During the course you will given access to a test website where you can practise each of the skills as we learn them.

Course Program

1. Introduction to the wordpress dashboard
  • Logging onto the wordpress dashboard
  • Introduction to relevant dashboard areas, such as posts, pages, menus & themes
2. Blog Posts
  • How to add a new blog post
  • Creating content using the WordPress block editor – headings, paragraphs, images and hyperlinks
  • Adding categories and tags
  • Adding a featured image
  • Previewing, publishing and updating posts
  • Quickedit
3. Website Pages
  • How to add a new page
  • Creating content using the WordPress block editor –  headings, paragraphs, images and hyperlinks
  • Previewing, publishing and updating pages
  • Quickedit
  • Creating a page hyierachy
  • Page history and undoing a screw-up
4. Using the wordpress block editor to edit your Pages
  • How to access the wordpress block editor
  • Adding items to a page such as paragraphs, headings images
  • Simple styling
  • Moving items around
  • Other ways to edit your pages using plugins
5. Changing the Main menu
  • Where to find the menus
  • Adding items to the main menu
  • Creating a sub-menu

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will know how to log on to your wordpress website. You will be able to add and edit block posts, and make changes to the menu structures of your site.