What will Small Business Web Support do for you?


. . . the website you need

I’ll build you a website, ranging from something simple, but functional, through to a sleek and modern website designed for you by designer Lucy Hopcraft from 365 Creative.


. . . you to make your own changes

I’ll provide a one-to-one mentoring or training session  at a pace to suit you. To give you the confidence to make your own website changes. 

Back in the mists of time, we might have used a coffee shop, or your workplace, but today all 1-1 training will be carried out using Zoom, or the video conferencing system of your choice.


. . . by making the changes to your website you dont have time to do

I’ll provide all the support you need to make changes to your website. If it’s just a one-off update to your site, or  a regular maintenance plan I will help. Please see my support page for more details